Sunderland Minster

(The Minster Church of St Michael & All Angels, with St Hilda & Benedict Biscop ) 

- situated at the heart of the ancient parish of Bishopwearmouth

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         This site also covers something of the extensive history of this well-loved church. Chiefly is it intended to show that the building still houses a strong church and community which aims to welcome everyone .

       The text for both the Rectors page and also the History page is not my work and I acknowledge with gratitude the authors of both pieces. They have given me immense pleasure in reading both pieces, and I have no hesitation in introducing their work to other readers. 

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Those travelling by rail or Metro  to SUNDERLAND station/Metro can reach the Minster either by walking through the Crowtree Shopping and Leisure Centre, or following the  Main Road on either side of this complex.

Travelling by bus or Metro to the Park Lane Interchange, the Minster is reached via Park Lane, skirting the Leisure centre Complex and walking down Green Terrace. The Crowtree Leisure and Shopping Centre includes Multi-level Car parks for those visiting by car.    


                  Other Churches and Cathedrals. Please visit this page which will be changed in the near future, Blackburn Cathedral, Selby Abbey and the two St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, churches in Hugh Town and Old Town, are featured at present Click HERE or the box at the top of the other pages to visit.

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